10 years later… I’m still John Carter

Ten years ago to the day was the theatrical release of the Disney film John Carter. As I reported then, they gave me tickets to a free advance screening, a t-shirt, some other swag. I’ve still got it all (but not as much hair on my head), even the t-shirt, which has proven to be very high quality. Unlike the movie, which was a giant flop.

I went online today to see how history has treated this expensive fiasco. Mostly forgotten, it seems. Film students get to study it sometimes as an example of a high-profile flop. An occasional film buff will remember it when I introduce myself. The director Andrew Stanton and the star Taylor Kitsch seem to have made out all right, although one could argue that Kitsch’s career trajectory changed that year, when he was in several dubious movies.

Supposedly, the film did very well in Russia… a dubious honour even then.

I’m still glad they made a big Hollywood movie with my name as the title.

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