Get out of here you dirty hippie

Last weekend’s trip to the market netted us both mung bean sprouts and hemp seeds. Either one is probably OK, but together I fear they represent some sort of consumption turning point.

The predictive polling algorithms would probably identify us as Bernie Sanders supporters based on that single purchase (not correctly, as it turns out… I’m hoping for a ticket where Bloomberg gives his billion dollars to Buttegieg).

Milford Sound tour, part 2

Some pics from the trip…

These crazy mountain parrots, called keas, have a thing for weatherstripping on cars… so they sit outside the entrance to a tunnel where cars sit and prey on people.

I can see clearly now

We rang in the New Year with sparklers and actually stayed awake long enough to see the fireworks from the Sky Tower. Here’s hoping for literal and metaphorical 20/20 vision in the coming year.

Random Samba

New Year’s Eve dinner at an Asian-BBQ fusion restaurant started off with a little samba troupe… there was no obvious reason for it, but apparently every year there’s a different entertainment. It went on just long enough to make us worry that we would have to endure the drumming for the whole meal, but then they shook and shimmied off into the night…

It’s Alive!!

Just like last year, one of the baby seagulls disappeared from the nest, and then emerged on the ground a couple weeks later, happy and well-fed. Now both of them are flapping and hopping … it won’t be long till they fly away.

Niece, nice!

Mitch and Caroline arrived today for their 10-day tour of NZ… yay!

In an effort to keep them on the right time zone we marched them all over Auckland, but by mid-afternoon it was nap time 😴.

Tower and Inferno

From the Sky Tower today we had a bird’s eye view of the damaged convention centre roof. It burned a couple months ago when a worker left his blowtorch on while he wandered off for a smoke break.

The fire will delay the facility’s opening by unknown months.

Pie-pun’ hot

I often make some sort of a pun in the titles of my posts. ‘Pie’ shoulda been easy material to work with, but I’m traumatized… the New York Times did a little year-end quiz of famous faces, and one of the people I got wrong was a famous YouTuber called PewDiePie. Never heard of him till then, which is apparently a stark OK Boomer dividing line… I’m officially an Old. My first pie pun ideas were Sweeney Todd, the Beatles, something about how pies r round, not squared. Weak stuff.

And how you relate to pies in NZ matters… pies are the national food, along with fish and chips. A politician got absolutely shamed last year for eating a pie with knife and fork at an event. Man of the people my sweet patooty.

Of course, a pie here is a savoury thing, mostly, and of a size to be eaten (messily) with one hand. If you’re a tradesman, you can reasonably eat a NZ pie while driving down the motorway and at the same time explaining to a customer on the phone why you’re a few days late.

Anyway, the pies at the Pie Shop in Kumeu are really good.

What SUP, Doc?

I got to try Isabella’s stand-up paddleboard yesterday. It’s a fairly racy board, therefore less stable than the big ones you can rent down at the waterfront. It was fun! I don’t need another sports hobby so it won’t be something I’m likely to do more of, but I was glad to give it a go.

Bearding bees

At Tawapou farm in Tutukaka where we’re enjoying a couple nights with Tom and Isabella. Honeybees hanging out on the hive in an attempt to keep the interior cool is known as ‘bearding’.

It’s not really that hot, but I suppose in the direct sun it gets stuffy in there.

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