Leggo my LEGO

We saw the traveling exhibit of LEGO models at the Auckland Museum on it’s final day last weekend. Amazing details and craftsmanship.

The models all had explanatory cards: a few thousand pieces, a few hundred hours of work, tricky color or shape design puzzles to solve.

Most of the models were as expected… the ancient and modern wonders of the world, depicted LEGO-realistically, but there were some moments of levity… a little Indiana Jones vignette under the hanging gardens of Babylon, spies loitering around the onion domes of St. Basils. And this…

It was a photographic inspiration…

and hopefully inspired some young engineers at the same time.

One Shining Moment

One of the geekier athletic things a person can do is track their stats on the Concept2 rowing machine. But there are many thousands of geeks out there who do, myself included.

The company resets the statistics each year on May 1. And so, buoyed by the fact that I got a big time zone head start on May 1, my morning workout put me at #1 in the world (in my age/weight category for that distance) the other day. Woo-hoo!

By now, enough other people have logged in for the 2018-19 season that I’m back in the big anonymous blob of regular guys where I belong. But it was cool to be #1 for a little while…