Hank Rearden would be proud

This plaque sits in the entryway of a nondescript building in Newmarket that I walk by every day. It’s quite high on the wall, not very noticeable in the scheme of things. But it has a solid Ayn Rand vibe, I think, strong-handshake men building a city out of nothing, with a little gold changing hands down at the bottom.


The stained glass window panels are done and dusted, and it was a totally fun experience. They have pride of place in the study window (which is arguably also a dining room or living room window because our house isn’t very big).

Based on glass class, we were inspired to make this ‘koru’ motif mosaic kit. The koru is a prevalent Māori design symbolizing a fern frond opening up, aka a fiddlehead. It’s presiding over our random collection of Kiwi trinkets…

If you build it

In just over a year we’ve watched this building go from a hole in the ground to where it is now.

Auckland is booming, more or less. In this neighborhood we live in there are half a dozen projects of this scale or larger. The whole suburb is transforming from 1-3 story retail and light industrial buildings to 5-8 story mixed use. Three side-by-side bungalows on the main street just sold for over $13 million. And so on.

I think this boom will generally continue until somebody starts a very large war or the Chinese stop buying milk (https://www.stats.govt.nz/news/new-zealands-two-way-trade-with-china-more-than-triples-over-the-decade).