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Since late 2011, this blog has been where John and Lee, but mostly John, share thoughts, opinions and experiences about living in beautiful Brattleboro, VT and traveling away from home for work and for pleasure.
In June 2017, we embarked on a new chapter: the Auckland Adventure. As with Brattleboro, we chose Auckland for a combination of job opportunities and awesomeness. We thank our winning numbers in whatever set of genetic and cultural lotteries provided us with such a great set of options. We’ve still got lots of ties to Brattleboro, and we’ve learned not to predict where we’ll be in five years. So, the Brattleboro Adventure continues in spirit from a new headquarters… welcome to Brattleboro Adventure, the Auckland Edition.

If you’re reading this, yay! We feel pretty strongly that what we make and what you look at on the Internet (or in the library or the classroom, for that matter) is more our business than Facebook’s or anybody else’s business. So, although we love to stay in touch on Facebook and other places, the blog itself just sits out there on its own, no sign-in required or advertisers fed.

We hope you enjoy, maybe learn something you didn’t know or see something you hadn’t seen. Feel free to follow via WordPress, get in touch through the comments , or just come by and check in from time to time.

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  1. Glad to see your new home(s,) both residential and technological. Please know that we miss you, wish Lee a happy birthday, and ding-dong the witch is… well, no longer President!


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