And now, this

I haven’t posted as much lately… so you should read these articles instead of waiting for an interesting tidbit from me (I can’t bring myself to say titbit like they do here).

They’re both posted at The Spinoff, which offers a hipster-friendly, left-of-centre alternative in New Zealand’s media landscape. I would argue that they’re still part of the ‘mainstream’ media, since they are ad-supported and seem to care about the things I associate with professional journalism, but they are tackling topics and showcasing ideas that might not get as much space on other sites.

New Zealand’s new local history curriculum was announced this week. This article summarizes it. I must admit to feeling like quite the reactionary… where’s the Queen in all this?

And how about money? This article wanders around the NZ economy using the idea of rent-seeking behavior as its primary lens. Lots of food for thought, particularly when you look closely at the rich and powerful people who seem to be written out of the new history curriculum.

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