And the agony of defeat

More of me than most of you wanted to see…

I lost traction on my bike Wednesday morning and now am sporting some new red accessories to go with my watch.

It’s been a while since I hit the deck while exercising, and while I don’t precisely remember how much it hurt last time, I think maybe I’m less elastic than in the old days.

The scrapes are not serious, and it’s not like I ended up tangled in barbed wire. But I’m headed to the doctor anyway to talk about physiotherapy… the exact motion of lowering a heavy mug onto the bar hurts quite a lot… and that’s a problem.

4 thoughts on “And the agony of defeat

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    1. The only race was between myself today and myself when I was younger and stronger! It was early morning and I guess there was some dew on the road, and I hit a corner too fast. Now I will have scars to match my luge scar on the other side!!


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