How could this have happened?

I’ve gone jogging in the places I’ve visited for 30 years now. Trails, beaches, streets, mountains, scary neighborhoods and beautiful ones. Normally I don’t fall down in traffic, however.

Could be that I’m getting old and fat, but I think it was a combination of other, external factors…

The cobblestone streets must’ve jumped out at me,

the wind gusted up for sure, 

the architecture drew my attention, 

and of course I had to make sure I paid attention to the scenery

We’ll never know exactly how I found myself staring at the curb, but even if we could find out, I wouldn’t tell, because what happens in Copenhagen, forbliver i Kobnhavn.

Limping just a little, tomorrow I return to B-boro after a productive 2-day meeting and no fewer than eight different preparations of herring. Which is at least enough, actually.

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