And the agony of defeat

More of me than most of you wanted to see…

I lost traction on my bike Wednesday morning and now am sporting some new red accessories to go with my watch.

It’s been a while since I hit the deck while exercising, and while I don’t precisely remember how much it hurt last time, I think maybe I’m less elastic than in the old days.

The scrapes are not serious, and it’s not like I ended up tangled in barbed wire. But I’m headed to the doctor anyway to talk about physiotherapy… the exact motion of lowering a heavy mug onto the bar hurts quite a lot… and that’s a problem.

Bowl me over

For our Friday drinks last week we deviated from the usual routine and went lawn bowling. I took the shot above because I thought the “Visitors Welcome” sign was too much like a Mormon church to pass up. It wasn’t until later that I noticed the defibrillator sign… but not surprising as the average age of a bowling club member must be in the high 130s.

It was a lot of fun and harder than it looks. Turns out the balls aren’t exactly round, so it’s all about making them hook in at the end. I enjoyed the conversation and the drinks more than the actual bowling. Which I think makes me an excellent candidate for membership… especially the drinks part.

Cheaper Than Therapy

The sign might be true in the long run (sorry for that) but not in the moment when you’re shelling out for new kicks.

I signed up for a corporate team event at Auckland’s giant Around the Bays run next weekend, which meant I had to replace my aging shoes.

I’ve had chronic knee pain over the past few years, so I was primed to let the salesman talk me into the Brooks Bedlam… maybe the only shoe in the store more expensive than the ASICS Gel-Kayanos I’ve been running in for most of the last 15 years. We’ll see if a 4mm-shorter heel-toe drop makes a difference. Or if in fact I’m over 50 and heavier than I used to be.

I ran a few miles on that first day and they felt pretty good… so we’ll see how the weekend warrior does this weekend!

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