All Blacks

A guy at work got us tickets to last week’s rugby game: the famous NZ All Blacks vs France. Below, they are doing the pregame haka (a ceremonial challenge in Māori culture) while a dedicated French supporter offers a baguette salute.

The game itself was pretty close through halftime, but then the All Blacks got down to business and won by 40 points (normal scores are about like a football game… 40 points is a blowout).

We watched a bunch of Intro to Rugby videos, and the guy we went with is actually a rugby referee on the weekends (which is why we got tickets), so we were both able to follow along. Amazingly, we both enjoyed ourselves.

The whole experience was really smooth… even train fare is included in the ticket price, so no need to worry about parking. The fans were fun to watch, especially the small minority of French supporters, many of whom dressed up silly for the occasion. There were two streakers on the field, which apparently is still a thing. But I’m obviously getting old… at the bag search on the way in, the guy just waved us through even though I had my backpack unzipped and ready for him. He said, You look like you’re past the days of trying to smuggle shit into the game, mate. Sigh… but fair call, I am in fact past those days.

Even at our advanced age, we’re going to another game in August!

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