Cheaper Than Therapy

The sign might be true in the long run (sorry for that) but not in the moment when you’re shelling out for new kicks.

I signed up for a corporate team event at Auckland’s giant Around the Bays run next weekend, which meant I had to replace my aging shoes.

I’ve had chronic knee pain over the past few years, so I was primed to let the salesman talk me into the Brooks Bedlam… maybe the only shoe in the store more expensive than the ASICS Gel-Kayanos I’ve been running in for most of the last 15 years. We’ll see if a 4mm-shorter heel-toe drop makes a difference. Or if in fact I’m over 50 and heavier than I used to be.

I ran a few miles on that first day and they felt pretty good… so we’ll see how the weekend warrior does this weekend!

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