Madeleine Peyroux Concert

A couple of weeks ago, at the instigation of our expat friend Emily, we saw Madeleine Peyroux at the Holy Trinity Cathedral (just up the street from our old house in Parnell).

Before the show we had a nice dinner at Non Solo Pizza and then walked to the church. It was the first time we’d walked along that road in over a year, and it was striking how many shops had changed. And there are a couple of new construction projects underway… more apartments. But our little Superette store was still there, which was comforting.

The concert itself was sadly ho-hum. We had seats in the back, which may have contributed to our feeling disengaged. The acoustics weren’t great… we could hear that her amazing voice was doing Billie Holiday things, but we couldn’t really hear those things in detail.

Madeleine herself seemed tired, as I suppose you would be at the last show on the Australasian tour. Let me go home and curl up in my own bed please. You already know my politics, which I will work into a few jokes, which I’ve been telling now for like 30 years. And no, we’re not really tinkering with the music, because we know that this works… there’s a reason they call them “jazz standards.”

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