Voulez-vous dîner avec moi?

We went to dinner at the Alliance Francaise a couple of weeks ago. Now that we’re on their mailing list, we are impressed with how many events they have. We tried to go one other time, to a breakfast, which we thought would be a big food truck type thing. But it was a sit down affair and basically over when we got there. So when this dinner popped up we booked right away, and it did indeed sell out.

On the night, a guy who makes his living as a private chef cooked up dinner for about 35 right there at the Alliance building, a former private school, all 1920s bungalow charm. We ate at long tables and everyone tried whatever level of French they knew. The menu was supposed to be from the Basque country but I’d say that was more an overtone than a strict rule. The duck was tougher than it should have been, but the not-so-Basque chocolate lava cake was divine.

I don’t know how often we might go back, but it was a nice experience.

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