Herons and tigers and fish, oh my!

Yesterday afternoon’s walk — after a pretty lazy day — took us down to the sugar mill, where this grumpy heron sourly surveyed the slow progress on the new footbridge that should at least hide this rusty old pipe.

Then, just below the little dam separating the heron’s pond from the bay, there was a whole school of fish, something we’ve never seen there before. Not sure what kind they were, but big enough to eat…

Later on, we hopped in the car and drove down to the ferry terminal to watch the Lunar New Year light show on the Harbour Bridge. They promised us a show that repeated every half hour, but it wasn’t until we saw it that we understood it was a 2-minute show rather than , say, a 25-minute show. Still it was cool… there was a webcast of Chinese sounding music and they managed to make a pretty effective tiger out of lights.

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