That’s the Ocean

It may look like a puddle in a parking lot, but it’s actually the normal state of affairs at Little Shoal Bay, where there’s a nice park and the Bowling Club where we play pétanque. When the tide comes in above 3.2 metres, it flows up into a marshy area to the side of the bowling club and spills out onto the parking area. For context, that’s a very common tidal height, spring king tides run about 30cm higher. Anecdotally, cars have been ruined sitting there overnight.

The city has recently taken some steps to clean up the informal marina at Little Shoal Bay, and is working on a plan to completely re-do the whole park area in a more naturalistic, salt marsh style, with playing fields replaced by a boardwalk path through the bush. They project that half of all tides will be above the existing sea wall in the next 20 years.

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