Poor Knights Take 2

When I first dived at the Poor Knights Islands about four years ago, I frankly had a miserable time. It was cold, drizzly, and choppy. I was not at all used to the cold water, or the big thick wetsuit, and I really just wanted it to be over. I didn’t see a lot, either… big schools of fish, but not a lot of color or any of the marquee attractions.

But on Monday the site more than redeemed itself. I am used to the cold water now, the boat ride was much less bumpy, and my fellow divers were all nice.

Although I had packed the GoPro as part of the original baggage allotment, I didn’t pack all the scuba accessories: the red filter and macro lens, the selfie stick, etc. That all arrived with our stuff a few months back, and so I was able to get some nice pics. And video too, but I’ll spare you that: imagine these pictures, only moving, accompanied by Darth Vader breathing noises and the occasional dizzying swoop as I panned around haphazardly.

Here’s a bunch of them, starting with the green moray above.

New Zealand Leatherjacket
Colorful reef with demoiselle fishes.
A big sea star
Sandager’s wrasse
Another moray (when an eel opens wide and takes a bite of your hide, that’s a moray…)
A bunch of demoiselles
Heading home

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