Little Miss Sunshine

Our driveway is shared among seven houses, and that creates a surprisingly warm sense of community. You see each other come and go, you know who’s undertaking a home improvement project, etc.

When our immediate uphill neighbors redid their front retaining wall they were able to carve out another parking spot. But they had to leave that gray plastic telephone thingy because for some reason the furthest uphill house doesn’t have fibre yet. So the whiskey barrel planter was donated by Gordon across the way to help make sure nobody bumps into it.

And while good intentions abounded, the planter never really got planted. So yet another neighbor reached deep into her storage area and produced a mannequin. An orange and yellow mannequin. With a fine perky figure.

And said neighbor issued a December dress-up challenge. We had fun with all of it, and at least one thrift store got a little extra business.

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