Watersprite Tears

Our new house didn’t need much work, but several rooms wanted a coat of paint. My office / man-cave was the worst. Lee was ready to tackle the job over the Christmas break.

That beige color was even worse in person, sort of peachy. Ugh.

I wanted something similar to the blue-green shade we found in Brattleboro. And when one of the paint chips was named “Watersprite Tears” I was pretty much done looking. I imagine the paint-color-namer as the sort of stereotypical gray librarian person who’s just yearning to break out and Create. Well, mate, whoever you are, nice work.

The end result was brighter than I thought it would be, as is often the case in my experience. The room now feels very like it belongs in a tropical villa… which is fine, actually. It makes me smile just to walk in.

Thanks Lee for doing all this work!

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