Action Man

That, my fellow Americans, and my formerly European friends in the still for the moment United Kingdom, is Action Man.

Action Man was G.I. Joe in other markets and has quite a history. How he ended up wearing this rather unconventional collection of accessories (outside of the highly sought after Action For Men Rainbow NightClub play set) is unknown.

We met him on the way in to tour an open house that we were already leery about… would a large complex of townhouses we can afford be a bit too noisy and full of kids for us? Yes, said Action Man, it will. It most certainly will.


As we get ready to start our third year in Auckland, it’s time to think about whether we might want to move or not.

Buying is probably unwise at this time for various reasons, and besides we really couldn’t afford anything we’d want to live in. So, renters we remain.

Our place was an amazingly lucky find… it could be a little bigger, maybe on a quieter street, but it checks almost all the boxes for us. Of course, lower rent would be great… and we really miss our kitties and would love to have one here.

So when the landlord sent us the lease for next year, with “only” a $25 per week increase, we had a tough choice.

We looked at a lot of ads. Pet-friendly is the hard one… landlords can be picky on that front without it being considered illegal discrimination. We finally found a house that seemed like a real possibility, and got a nice walk-through, shown above. There were some quirks, but it seemed like a real possibility. The ad said “pets negotiable” but it turned out that meant “no pets”, so “no deal”.

So, back to our own landlord… we offered to stay another year if we could have a cat. He agreed!

Stay tuned…

Tube Houses

For reasons to do with French taxation practices, scarce land, and national preference, it’s quite common in Vietnam to build a really tall narrow house.

One man’s trash

We have walked past this house several times without really seeing it. Or the old car rotting away underneath. Spooky!

There must be quite a story… the land alone, probably a tenth of an acre, would bring a million bucks more or less, even with a house to tear down.

Is there ever a good time? Or a bad time?

New Zealanders, and Aucklanders in particular, are very focused on building personal wealth through real estate. There’s a bunch of reasons for this, but mostly it’s been a great investment for quite a long time. In Auckland, for example, tax values are up almost 50% in the last three years, and retail prices more than that. Bubble? Time will tell. The new government has said it will limit foreign buyers’ ability to buy real estate, causing a bit of a flurry among the (largely Chinese) community of foreign cash buyers.

This particular property is leased by a property investment firm. They are being kicked out as that building is part of a large parcel that is about to get sold and even further densified.


You know there’s a housing bubble when, in the same block, there’s a guy who can afford a Maserati but not a garage… 

and another guy has the same problem with his McLaren!

You can’t go home again 

Still true, even though we keep littering the country with places we call home. 

But you can visit your old house…

And go to diners you used to love for the best huevos rancheros ever…

Glass Half Full

Well, we did it. DIY iPad screen replacement is possible, even for us!

Between watching tutorial videos on YouTube and actually performing the repair, we spent about 9 person-hours. Next time would be a lot faster.  We liked the irony of using the dictionary I got for a high school graduation present to weight the screen down while the new adhesive set up. 

Pro tips:

  • If you use a hair dryer to soften the old adhesive instead of a real heat gun, it takes a lot longer
  • Nothing beats Goof-Off
  • “Spudging” is a great word to have in your vocabulary 

Screen Shot

This is what happens when you put a dramatic silk flower arrangement on a high spot, leave the iPad on the counter, and mix in an unknowable combination of a curious cat and air currents. 

The first thing we did was to make sure that duct tape was not a feasible solution. 

The Apple Store wants a whole lot of money for a new screen, the local repair shop wants less but still hundreds. We can buy a replacement kit for under $30, so we’ll try that first.

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