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Although our old neighborhood had a reputation as one of the best dining districts in town, we never found a pub we loved. The closest bar had all sorts of identity issues, reflecting its owners quite accurately, and the most popular place was too Aperol spritz, pink shirt, and Mercedes convertible for us to really feel at home

But here in Birkenhead we’ve already discovered the Birkenhead Brewing Company Tasting Studio. Steve the owner brought us our nice craft beers, and the place has a good cozy vibe that has been surprisingly hard to find here. I wonder if it’s a consequence of the national no tipping policy… maybe waitstaff in the US interact with you because you pay them? Hmmm.

Anyway, although BBC’s brewing operations were suspended last year after too-rapid growth led to financial problems, the tasting room is still going strong. They’ve got hand sanitizer in Corona bottles and great sweet potato fries as part of a nice looking pub grub menu. What more could we want?!?

There will never be another Whetstone Station, but hopefully the BBC will keep our appetites at bay.

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