Death and traffic

The biggest external change in my life from moving into the new house is trading a 20 minute walk to work for a 45-60 minute drive. Lee’s commute is even worse, unfortunately. Still, buses and bus/train combinations are plentiful. And once I figure out the timetable a little bit better, that’s the way I will usually go. Unless I buy a scooter, but that’s a discussion for another post.

While I’m still learning the transit system ropes, I have tended to show up extra early at the bus stop… My fears of apocalyptic queues of people breathing viruses at me as they wait to get on the bus have proven unfounded.

And it’s a pretty ride over the Harbour Bridge, especially when I’m not having to drive. Above is the view in the morning, and below is a view on the way home, where yesterday I got the top front seat in a double decker bus.

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