Run Tutukaka

After diving Sunday, we were headed back to Auckland for Christmas Eve dinner at Tom’s house. That gave me plenty of time for a run to explore the surrounds.

From the hotel, I went past the Holiday Park, but then changed my mind and instead went up a little path we had found the night before. That took me to a park…

which supposedly led to a lighthouse. But I found myself at an impasse, after descending a couple hundred steps…

If I’d stopped to read the directions, I would have known to turn right and continue on, but I didn’t…

I found another little beach with a great bach (the Kiwi term for a holiday house) on it,

and a whole field of snowball bushes. That’s as close to a white Christmas as I can get this year 😀.

By that time it was raining hard, so I headed for home.

Every time we go anywhere we imagine what it would be like to live there… all that peace and quiet, the lure of the sea… But if I’m honest, a town I can explore end to end in a single slow-ish run probably wouldn’t keep my attention for long enough. There’s a reason all those properties are for sale…

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