Whangarei Detour

We stopped off for lunch in Whangarei on the way back to Auckland Monday. You could feel the hustle and bustle of last minute shopping and final preparations.

Other than lunch, our main goal was to visit the Clapham’s Clock Museum, a roadside attraction if ever there was one. It was fun! All the running clocks are purposely set to different times so you get a constant dose of chimes and cuckoos. In the picture above, I’m posing near an Ingraham banjo clock very similar to one that sits in a box in Brattleboro waiting for me to finish the steampunk restoration project I imagined a couple years ago.

We also stopped in at the very impressive hospice thrift shop and admired some art. We came away with a set of ramekins that are the perfect size for baked eggs. Which we had for breakfast a couple days later. Score!

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