Falun Wrong

On Friday the Falun Gong people were out silently protesting their fellows’ persecution back in China. I was instantly beset with a welter of conflicting thoughts…

  • Good to be in a place where people can feel safe enough to protest in public like that
  • Why in the world would China feel a need to persecute people for doing their little morning exercises… there must be more to the story
  • But my notion of freedom seems to not quite apply in China. And their brand of society seems to be pretty amazingly successful these days.
  • Forced organ harvesting? Really? In the hundreds of thousands? Really? Wouldn’t we have heard more?
  • Or not… can we trust the media to report on the important issues?
  • Yeah, actually, I think we can, more or less
  • So, good luck with your protest, I hope you find happiness somehow.

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