Just a walk in the park

Another fine Sunday, so we set out to explore a few streets in the neighborhood that we hadn’t been down before. No shortage of nice houses, etc.

We ended up on Lovers Lane, a nice trail in the Auckland Domain, and decided to see if we could find the suspected connector trail down to the Parnell train station.

This parrot (which turns out to be an Eastern Rosella) put on quite a show for us. We had glimpsed one before, and we know they are reasonably common here, but this was our first good viewing.

In a matter of a few hundred yards, and only a few less metres, we passed from parklike meadows to deep forest.

And then, in the middle of the forest, behind a construction fence, we found a tiny little illicit skate park. Just three little features on a slab… one rail, one kerb, one ledge. Thinking of you, Scotty.

These big trees are really big… maybe not California redwood big, but bigger than any non-giant-redwood tree I’ve ever seen.

Then, we found the train station parking area, seen here through the lovely vegetation, which let us know that we were back within striking distance of a pint and a nice plate of duck liver pâté. What great explorers we are!!

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