Kiwi green

There’s been a lot of foreshadowing over the past few months, but this nail polish demands a fuller explanation. 

We’re moving to Auckland.

My work visit to NZ last fall led to some idle musings and web surfing, which led to discovery of their Essential Skills visa program, more surfing, a job posting, and an application. The Presidential election cemented our thinking a bit. Then a layoff led to taking this idea way more seriously, including an English test, chest x-rays, fingerprints and more. Eventually, Lee received a nursing license, and now, FINALLY, we can announce the arrival of said visa. Lee will be the official breadwinner, and I will be the working partner. 

It’s been a “wait and hurry up” process, and now we’re in the hurry up part. Boarding the plane next Thursday. 

We’re super excited about what comes next, while mourning the separation from people, places, and things in our Brattleboro world. You’ll likely see some of the mourning and the excitement in these pages. Stay tuned…

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