A beacon in the darkness

Proud of the unruly, cantankerous residents of Brattleboro and surrounding towns! They would argue endlessly over a fifty cent rise in trash fees or what color to paint the school maintenance shed, but they’ll do it six feet apart while wearing face masks!

Tiny bubbles

Here in NZ, it’s all about “stay safely in your bubble” as we enter the fifth and hopefully final week of lockdown.

We got this happy kitty picture from back in Vermont. It’s nice to know that Deja and Vu are safe in their bubble and even safer because they have their own bubble wrap supply.

A view of Vu

We got a nice update from Corey that the cats are doing fine in their new home after a period of adjustment. As we expected, they seem to have him well trained already as concerns nighttime feeding requirements, playtime, etc.  This pose, which we recognize very well, indicates the need for the human to come rub the royal tummy, whilst preparing for some friendly biting and playing, as long as the cat isn’t actually required to do any work.

Itteh’s all good

Our plant Itteh (so named because of an even larger one we used to own that we called “It”, combined with a Lolcat reference) has a new home in friend Humberto’s condo in the old Estey Organ factory. 

But no worries, mate! In Auckland they grow outdoors!

Happy Memorial Day 

In memory of the men and women who have served our country in war and peace, in times of disaster and disorder. I hope they will always be there, just as I hope we can call on them less and less often. 

Kiwi green

There’s been a lot of foreshadowing over the past few months, but this nail polish demands a fuller explanation. 

We’re moving to Auckland.

My work visit to NZ last fall led to some idle musings and web surfing, which led to discovery of their Essential Skills visa program, more surfing, a job posting, and an application. The Presidential election cemented our thinking a bit. Then a layoff led to taking this idea way more seriously, including an English test, chest x-rays, fingerprints and more. Eventually, Lee received a nursing license, and now, FINALLY, we can announce the arrival of said visa. Lee will be the official breadwinner, and I will be the working partner. 

It’s been a “wait and hurry up” process, and now we’re in the hurry up part. Boarding the plane next Thursday. 

We’re super excited about what comes next, while mourning the separation from people, places, and things in our Brattleboro world. You’ll likely see some of the mourning and the excitement in these pages. Stay tuned…

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