TdF Tuesday July 12

Tuesday we enjoyed a nice breakfast with all the wonderful pastry you could want, and then we drove to Castelnaudry to start our ride. This was very close to where we took our first canal boat trip with Jerry and JJ. In fact we crossed over the Canal du Midi a couple of times. 

Our guides Phil and Vitor do a yeomanly job with the bikes… Every day they load and unload them all, sometimes more than once, and clean and adjust everything at night. 

We rode from there to the Relais Etape near Revel.  Long slow climbs, but nothing super steep. Since we had some time we went on up the road and stopped for a coffee in a perfect sleepy little village. 
Back at the Relais Etape, we ticked into a nice lunch and prepared for the race to come by. They had a little contest set up where you rode a stationary bike as fast as possible for a couple of minutes, and I won the green sprinters jersey. 

As a special treat for one of the couple, or maybe both, somebody actually got married right there with us, and here’s the cute flower girl. 

Then the caravan came by, and by the way a bike race… but more on that later. 

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