TdF Saturday July 16

Several of our number left today, Paul and Leann headed back to Italy before heading back to Oz, Stuart to England en route LA, Nick and Peter direct to Australia. Now we’re down to 3 riders and a non- riding spouse. 

 I took a morning walk to the train station where the free wi-fi was better than hotel, confirmed my low opinion of the hotel. 

We drove to the Lyon area and had a nice ride out to the sprint point. 

The road was full of people going the same place, recognizable by the stolen TdF road signs, of which we also have a few. 

Although said sprint occurred in the middle of absolutely nowhere (cornfield on one side, wheat on the other), hundreds of people showed up. I positioned myself down low next to a jersey barrier and got a great slo-mo video of the peloton coming by, so close I was literally scared I would get run over. I’ll post the video separately. But they are amazingly talented, and didn’t hit me or anybody else. 

We rode some more , probably too long, and got tired but found the hotel eventually. It’s much nicer, some good beaux-arts details. Here’s the window in the stairwell. 

We ate at the cavernous, 180-year old Brasserie Georges, something of a local landmark: I had mackerel, then rabbit, and my favorite silly French dessert, île flottante. They brew their own beer, a nice honey lager, and if it’s your birthday they dim the lights and play Happy Birthday on an old calliope. 

 Vlad was in his element with steak tartare, extra Tabasco, prepared table side. Vlad, now with 40% more Vlad. 

In the Tour today, Cav won his 4th stage, but it sure looked to me like he cuts off Kittel, should he get penalized? Apparently not. I wished I could hear the analysis from Phil and Paul, whose voices I miss a lot. 

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