Chairy Red

We found this great old chair at a garage sale last weekend and brought it home for $20. Sadly, however, it turned to be the dachshund of armchairs…

Not sure why we didn’t realize that before buying…

But just a few days later Isabella came over and loved. She’s got this little landing at the top of her stairs and it will be perfect there. Happy ending!

Marble Mountain

Halfway between Da Nang and Hoi An you pass through a stretch of road lined with shops selling carved marble stuff from little trinkets like we bought to giant Buddhas suitable for a town square.

Turns out there’s a quarry nearby. And you can tour it.

After riding up in the fun external elevator, you wander around a bunch twisty little (trails and) passageways, all alike. There are pagodas and carvings and views…

The view from Seawatch Point is a-changing.

Some of the carvings depict important cultural icons. Can you make out the symbology of this bench?

The boys climbed up into a cave and couldn’t find the girls on the other side, so the visit got truncated a bit. But we still had time to exit through the gift shop.

Hoi An market shots

Hoi An streets are lined with vendors. Most obvious are the hundreds of souvenir shops where scary ladies cackle You Buy! Cheap Price!

But there’s also everything you need to eat, set up house, cure what ails you, and probably get a new identity if you know where to look.

Here’s a whole liquor store in a little cart.

This is to suggest that the handicrafts are actually made here, but I don’t think that’s actually true. Prov is our best market shopper. He’s not afraid of the scary ladies like I am.

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