Watch this space

A few months ago, Swatch and Omega struck marketing gold with the release of the MoonSwatch.

My buddy Paul is a watch guy, and owns a real moon watch and so therefore he wanted one of these. They’re only available in Swatch stores, and there aren’t any of those in NZ. But I was going to Sydney the weekend after the release, so he asked me to try and find one.

Ha! No way, lines out the door, sold out in minutes around the world.

Somehow in this process I got to wanting one too. There’s a Mars one, so ok I’m in.

Last week I happened to be near enough to a Swatch store (in Houston) to try again. It’s been months, and they claim it’s not a limited edition, so now that the hype has died…

Ha! Dream on. We might be going to mars before I get my hands on one of these watches.

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