It’s about time

We bought that giant clock back in Salt Lake. Our house there had been owned previously by a woman who did fancy textured paint jobs. We thought the clock worked perfectly in our plaster-effect dining room.

Then, in Brattleboro it hung dramatically in the stairwell until at some point the (inexpensive quartz) movement gave out. It went into storage when we left for New Zealand.

For the past year and a half, it’s been sitting in my office in the cardboard wrapper the movers fashioned to get it here safely. Leaned up against the wall behind my bike I could almost ignore it.

But the forced isolation of COVID inspired me to order a new movement online, and get up on the tall ladder to hang the clock. It looks good up there!

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  1. It does look good there! I love noticing all the details…Lee’s cutie patootie cooking dinner, your cocktails, and knowing I Was There! ❤️


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