The Real Cure for COVID-19

An absolutely delicious pot of chicken soup that Lee made for me! She thankfully never got sick or even tested positive.

I felt feverish for about a day. Then sort of spacy and lethargic for 3-4 days. Then I felt almost normal for a few more days but still tested positive, although the signal got fainter each time.

I returned to exercise over a couple of weeks and could tell from the power meter on my bike that I wasn’t quite back to full strength. Yesterday I had the first ride where I was able to hold something close to full effort.

Im very grateful to the world’s politicians, including some with whom I vehemently disagree, who cleared the way for the scientific industrial complex to knock out vaccines so quickly. And to the New Zealand politicians who took charge, closed the border, and spent whatever was needed to buy us the time and the immunity for this illness to finally hit me about as hard as a common cold.

I hope we humans can maintain some of the solidarity and momentum we discovered during the worst parts of the pandemic.

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