Finally it’s my turn.

So far no worse than a cold.

I realize that I’ve been feeling a bit smug and somehow morally superior to everyone else because I haven’t gotten it. It’s good to purge thoughts like that, although even better to do it through introspection rather than illness.

2 thoughts on “C-c-c-c-Covid

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  1. We are so fortunate to have available the time and technology to have been vaccinated prior to being caught by this bug. So many others weren’t… Get well soon!


    1. So true Steve, the technical and political powers that be made it possible for me to experience this disease as only a minor inconvenience. NZ has recently opened up eligibility for an additional booster, now with the bivalent vaccine. I haven’t had that one yet, and I wonder if it would have prevented this illness, or maybe made it even more mild.


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