World Premiere

On the plane down to Wellington a few weeks ago, the flight attendant got on the PA and said we were joined by the cast of Red White and Brass, who were flying to Welly for the movie’s world premiere. Cool, I thought but meaningless to me. The next morning I happened to walk right by the theatre and snapped a shot of the poster.

Then just a couple days later I saw an ad for a screening of the film, with a Q&A, just down the road at our nearby artsy cinema. Ok, since I’m old friends with the cast, let’s go.

It was very sweet and heartwarming. And I got to meet the writer Halaifonua Finau (who thankfully goes by Nua) as well as cast member Suzy Cato, who for years hosted an after-school TV show and so is sort of an institution to a whole generation of Kiwis. The most interesting parts of the Q&A were about getting the movie made. It was mostly funded by the NZ Film Commission, so that part was sorted, but still… making a movie must be a labor of love and a giant gamble. I hope they do well by it… maybe it’s the next Hunt for the Wilderpeople!

If you get a chance… see it!

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