Good enough?

Lately I’ve been thinking about a new car. There’s nothing really wrong with the minivan, but a man my age sometimes imagines himself in an old Triumph, or a new Polestar.

I read recently about a Chinese electric vehicle that supposedly sells for about $5,000. But you’ll not be seeing one in NZ any time soon, because they don’t meet safety standards. Really, it’s more like a glorified golf cart than a serious car. But such a vehicle would be perfect for nearly all the driving we do!

And wait a minute… we let e-scooters and mopeds and those crazy gyro wheels straight of B.C. go on our roads. None of them meet safety standards either… you straps on your helmet and you takes your chances. And even real cars… I mean , if you’ve read this blog for any length of time, you know there are plenty of cars on the road held together with #ducttape.

So… when the Stepwgn (yes that’s how they spell it, no I don’t know why, and yes I realize that leaving out the vowels doesn’t make the minivan ‘edgy’) finally gives out one day, what will it be? Something edgy? Or a classic? Or another boring practical car like I’ve had my whole life? Who knows.

Maybe the minivan will last long enough for me to have a fancy golf cart. Or a flitter!

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