How many years ago did we play Sim City on our PC? Maybe 25? However long ago, there’s a piece of that game that has become part of the family lexicon… if you needed to build more roads, the little news helicopter would fly across the screen and give you a burst of static that sounded like “Grzbd crizzdr traffic.”

And that’s what I’ve said to myself a few times lately, as in the picture here. I’m only driving in commute traffic a couple days per week to go to swim squad. If I leave at 6:20, I’m golden, but by 6:30 the road between home and the freeway is backed up a mile or more.

Since we moved to this house during COVID and it’s aftermath of working from home, we don’t know what to expect long term. I’ve heard other people say that February is the worst traffic month, because it’s back to school time after the summer holidays. But there’s really only one way out of the neighborhood, which only has one lane for cars — the other lane was changed to 3+ carpools and buses only some years ago. And the population is growing, soooo… expect delays or take the bus.

And what about the bus? It’s pretty convenient actually, and cheap. But it’s still a longer trip than the car on any but the very worst traffic day, let’s say an extra 20 minutes each way. When I’m trying to squeeze in a swim before work, those 40 minutes feel like a real burden. So for now I’ll just try to leave on time and every so often I’ll say “Grzbd crizzdr traffic.”

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