Let us give thanks

… for the bounty of the earth by trying to eat everything. Everything!

Here we are at Martha’s Backyard, the funny little American grocery store, posing proudly next to a tower of pumpkin pie filling.

And here’s the turkey, a nice sized bird from the local butcher that came out really good thanks to Lee’s dry brining technique. (We’ve had a few good experiences at the butcher shop, and every time we resolve to shop there more. But then we’re in the supermarket which is open late on Sunday and it’s just easier.)

We were 10 at table, drawn from four different communities: Lee’s former workmates, my ocean swimming buddies , my pool swimming buddies, and a Facebook group for expats. It was the biggest NZ Thanksgiving gathering yet. Mostly American, or at least with ties to the good ol’ USA, we enjoyed a great meal and each other’s company.

The best part was that when the discussion inevitably turned to “American is going to hell in a hand basket because of Trump & Co”, we were mostly in agreement and even on the points of disagreement it didn’t matter so much cause it’s not your actual family.

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