Hot water beach

(Edited following comments from an eagle eyed reader)

Those feet in the middle of the picture are obviously less dainty than those of our friend Leslie who visited from Florida a couple weeks ago. Nonetheless, they are indicative of her hot water beach experience. We were among the last to leave the hot pool as the tide came in.

Hot water beach is a funny little place… just a quirk of nature that “hot springs “ and “beach” come together as they do. In my experience, people at the beach tend to sort of be alone together… you do your sunbathing and I’ll do mine. Hot springs are maybe a little more convivial. But put the two together and it’s a wonderfully social experience. From cooperating on diverting the hot water just enough into everyone’s little sand nest, to the loud Texas tourist lecturing everyone on the Second Amendment, to some subversive ladies telling the Texas tourist’s kids not to listen to their father’s crap (don’t worry, said the kids), we were all in the soup together.

And on the way home the following day, we stopped off at a roadhouse for lunch, and got to see these cute little lambs.

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