Working bee

Out behind the pétanque terrain is… was… a very fine stand of bamboo. Very invasive bamboo.

And so a bunch of us banded together to get it chopped down, and a few weeks later to haul it behind the maintenance shed where it will decompose in a year or two.

Playing pétanque with people, I suppose like any social activity, teaches you a bit about who they are. Some people take it too seriously, others not so much. Some cheat, others break the rules apparently without meaning to. But I’ll now say that trying to organize a dozen people to haul some bamboo stalks, or even to just be one of the people being organized, is an even more concentrated lesson in personality. Bossy, hero,shirker, shouldn’t be allowed near sharp objects, steady worker, it was all on display.

But, somehow it all worked and we got the job done in time for cocktails!

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