National Electronics Museum

Leaving Asheville, I took a room in an airport hotel overnight before embarking on the long trip home. On my morning walk I chanced across the National Electronics Museum, with this fine statue of Arthur C Clarke out front. I had just enough time to wander through their very cool exhibits. And just in time… according to the link above, they’ve lost their lease and are looking for a new home.

There was a nice mix of explanation and hands-on and just look stuff on display. It started with the very basics of electromagnetism, continued through lights and radio and radar, to computers and microwave ovens, and climaxed with a big display about satellites and rockets and mars rovers. The building was also tenanted by some little division of Northrop Grumman (not a coincidence), and there was plenty of military electronics on display as well.

That’s the “thrift store” of stuff they are getting rid of.

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