Bringing the news to life

We still read the Brattleboro Reformer online. It is fun to be here and see some of the big stories IRL.

The newly hired Town Manager came in intending to shake things up. One of the biggest impacts of his tenure was to change the town’s ambulance services provider from Rescue Inc. to Gold Cross. Big uproar.

Shortly after, on the job just a few months, that new Town Manager quit to take a job in the neighboring town where Gold Cross is headquartered. More uproar.

Here’s two big stories in one… I’m sitting in stupid traffic on the old bridge, and looking over at construction of the new bridge.

This mural is getting a lot of press. It is just being painted — there was a whole crew working on it yesterday — on the previously ugly and graffitied retaining wall in front of the house we used to own.

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