Chanticleer Cup

Well, after saying I wouldn’t play in many more pétanque tournaments … I spent the last three months practicing and this week competed in the annual Chanticleer Cup tournament between Auckland and Wellington.

Wellington held the Cup from 2019, the last time the event was held pre-Covid. And they kept it this time, killing us especially in the singles games where their consistency outshone our brilliance. Although I personally won 7 out of my 9 games (and I got a nice bar of Lindt chocolate as a reward), overall the Wellingtonians were just too much for us.

Here’s me and my partners for the triples competition held today. We won all 4 of our games, and celebrated with a little glass of pastis. They’re both way better than me, so my job was mostly to try and play according to a simple mantra… Don’t. Fuck. Up.

As with other sports things I’ve done, I find myself quite actively torn between “never again” and “hmm, the NZ open is in November and it’s close by this year.”

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