Patriot Brains taping

Now that we’re on the TVNZ studio audience mailing list, we get these random invites for tapings of shows that might or might not be any good. Last night we watched them make an episode of Patriot Brains, a comedy quiz show pitting some well known NZ comics against less well known AU comics so that the home team could take up most of the airtime and … spoiler alert… win the quiz.

The show was ok. But maybe our best memory will be sitting in the lobby pre-show with a bird’s eye view of the bullpen where all the actual work gets done. That’s the famously chipper and highly animated weatherman about half an hour before going on stage for his big five minutes of nightly performance.

And below, a workspace that we think perfectly illustrates the actual glamour of working in ‘the biz’. We imagine her (or him, why not??) as leading a superhero double life: an ordinary office worker geeky enough to invest in a custom keyboard most of the time… but ready for red carpet fabulous as fast as you can say ‘heels, lipstick, attitude!

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