Ye Olde Birkenhead

The downtown business association has been trying mightily to bring people into the village, and we applaud their efforts.

This weekend they’ve put on a Renaissance Faire… of sorts. My expectations are high for this sort of thing, as I must’ve been pretty close to the Ren Faire epicenter going to the big one in Agoura CA back in the early 80s.

It’s a gray drizzly winter day, so the crowds probably are down some, but still not bad. And quite a few people dressed up, including our local MP, which I thought was cool.

Above is a guy getting put in the stocks… an obligatory activity.

One of the star attractions was a rare New Zealand unicorn. The line was short but we didn’t go pet her in case she was tired.

As it turns out, unicorns look a lot like ponies!

There was also sword fighting, minstrels, axe throwing (which I expected to be good at but wasn’t) and archery (which I was better at). And face-painting, which probably had the longest line of all.

Good job, town leaders! It was kinda hokey, but then again it was also kinda fun.

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