Round North Head, Take 3

The wind and tide were in our favour today, so the Round North Head swim was fast! Although I swam off course at one or two points and performed badly compared to others in my group, I still beat last year’s time by about 6 minutes so I’ll take that. Almost as fast as I’d been in a wetsuit.

And I most definitely wasn’t in a wetsuit, as this is the swim with the “freedom division”. You swim out to a boat, take off your togs, carry on in the buff, meet the boat at the end, and exit the water in perfect modesty. The water was clearer than last time, but even so the scenery wasn’t as stimulating as you might expect. I have a feeling that might be true of many au naturel events… most of us probably look at least as sexy in our clothes as out.

Our Bay2Bay swim club was well represented, particularly in the freedom division. As a mark of always being your true self, Jono on the far right (fresh off his epic Poor Knights swim a few weeks ago) told us he couldn’t stay for coffee after winning the nude division… because it’s his wedding day. There was much discussion as to what his fiancée really thought about him racing today… but we all agreed that she wouldn’t be with Jono if she had a problem with him wearing what he wants and swimming a lot.

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