Icing on the (very large and surprisingly tasty) cake

That’s Lee all masked up and wearing her raincoat against the drizzle. Out for a walk, we came across this Costco membership tent right in our own neighborhood . The store doesn’t open till August but lines have been so long at the real signup office that they’re now doing signups out in the community.

New Zealand was already practically perfect in every way. With Costco arriving, it’s really hard to find any faults at all with the place. Maybe they tend to put too many things on their burgers. But otherwise perfect.

But wait… maybe Costco heralds the onset of the end times. Will the hypnotic lure of cheap gas, giant rotisserie chickens and American hot dogs lead inevitably to rampant gun violence, rabies, and medical bankruptcy? I hope not, but will be on the lookout for warning signs. If things really start to look bad I’ll head to Costco and buy enough toilet paper and granola to wait out the apocalypse.

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