My first multi-day work trip of the COVID era. After getting a supervised RAT and uploading a bunch of extra paperwork, the actual travel experience was surprisingly normal. The airports weren’t crowded, no extra procedures except for wearing masks.

In between strategy sessions, I did a fair amount of walking around. Found a few interesting spots, like the Anthroposophical Society, which according to Wikipedia is just about what I’d expect. I have noticed several similar groups since moving down here. Are there more in this part of the world? Maybe.

I liked this building just for the wonderful AD 1900 lettering. So here’s a closeup …

There was a lot of old vs. new, massive sandstone next to sparkly glass.

It was nice to catch up with some colleagues I hadn’t seen in real life for a couple of years, eat and drink too much, and luxuriate in a Hyatt bed. But there are risks. So far, of the 18 people who shared a big dinner (outdoor dining, but still), eight have tested positive in the following week. I’m not one of them, and nobody so far seems seriously ill. But that’s a lot of sickness even so.

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