Swim Tutukaka

The Bay 2 Bay swim club trekked up to Tutukaka this weekend for swimming and camaraderie. Fun times!

We started on Saturday morning with a swim from Glen’s house into town. Glen’s house is perched on a high cliff, so the first challenge was getting down his epic staircase. Our swim will take us across that open water, about 1km, through the gap in the rocks you can see at the top right of the picture. From there, we turn right and swim into town, landing at the little beach near the marina about an hour later.

We made it down to the water’s edge eventually, a victory worth celebrating.

And then, into the water. Do I look uncomfortable about plunging into the roiling crashing cauldron? Probably I was, but my primary concern about this part was scraping my ridiculously tender feet on those sharp rocks.

With everyone safely in, we headed off across the channel, spurred by the muffins and coffee waiting on the other side. It was a fun swim, conditions were better than expected, saw some fish…

Nice way to start the weekend!

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