Too much work

We have a neighbor up the hill who manages to cram a lot of gardening into a very small space. We’ve chatted with her before and she’s even given us some plants.

A few weeks ago we spied artichokes growing in her little plot. One thing led to another and we now have one growing in our own yard. It’s first fruit is already the size of an apricot.

At the time she told us she just grew the plants for the foliage… eating them was way too much trouble. And in fact we’ve never seen an artichoke here. It’s just not a kiwi thing I guess.

But then! She came over with these three beauties and some random herbs and gave them to us. They really are a lot of work to eat, especially as these were smaller than US supermarket ones. But they had wonderful sweetness and made a fabulous dinner.

Maybe soon we’ll have some from our own plant!

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