One of the things we were reminded about ourselves on receipt of all our US stuff is that we are suckers for stemware. Whether it’s the fancy wine glasses, over-the-top champagne flutes or in this case precious little cordial glasses, we have trouble resisting them when cruising an antique shop or thrift store.

But there are limits to our available storage space, so some of our collection had to go. A lady on our neighborhood Facebook group put up a posting looking for jelly jars to make pretty candles in, and Lee offered her the cordials. We’d offered the glasses for sale ourselves but got no takers.

Within hours this intrepid lockdown crafter had picked them up (giving us one of her jelly jar candles as a thank you) and posted these beautiful candles for sale. I hope each one brings its new owners many hours of sweet scented serenity.

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  1. Timely! I am working to clear my mother’s estate and guess what – she has gobs of stemware and scented candles! Might put siblings to work making scented stemware candles!!!


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